The Significance of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

The Battle of the Little Bighorn was the most successful action fought by the American Indians against the United States Army in the West. It was part of the Campaign of 1876, an effort by the United States Government to force the Sioux tribes onto their Reservations. The Indians' defeat of the finest cavalry unit in the United States Army had the same shocking effect then as the Challenger explosion had on the nation in 1986. It simply was not supposed to happen.

The events surrounding the Battle of the Little Bighorn have fascinated amateur and professional historians for 130 years, principally because of its many mysteries. While we will never know exactly what happened at "Custer's Last Stand," there is more than enough information for conjecture and debate. In fact, this intriguing battle has been the subject of countless books, articles, movies, television programs, poems, songs, and websites.

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